In the coming weeks and months we will present interviews with prominent personalities from various fields. These include interviews with:

Tarak Mehta: Legendary Gujarati humorist and writer

Gunvant Shah: Eminent Gujarati writer, thinker and speaker.

Kshemu Divetia: Senior and respected Gujarati Sugam Sangeet Composer

Arvind Trivedi: Abhinay Samrat, celebrated Gujarati stage and movie actor.

Swami Sachchidanand: The non-conformist and rationalist swami.

Amar Bhatt: Singer –composer from Ahmedabad, recently released his milestone album Shabdo No Swarabhishek
                                            Stay tuned for more to come!

Regular Features:

Aarogya Mimansa-(આરોગ્ય મીમાંસા): Be healthy wealthy and wise by following the advice of health experts to help you maintain a balance between a hectic lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle. Common and not so common health problems and preventive care form part of this segment.

Baal-Kallol(બાળ કલ્લોલ): Monthly special section devoted to our young listeners including inspirational stories and kids songs in Gujarati.

Bollywood Ni Khati-Mithi(બોલીવુડની ખાટી મીઠી): Monthly wrap-up of Bollywood events and gossip that is bound to entertain our movie lovers with its unique style of presentation.

Kavya -Dhaara(કાવ્ય ધારા): This monthly feature focuses on a Gujarati poet and includes a short discussion of the poetic genius and creations as well as musical renderings of the poet’s works. We endeavour to bring you closer to prominent contemporary literary figures through interviews.

Lok-Manch(લોક મંચ): A regular and very popular feature of Sur-Samvaad in which we invite listeners to express their views on a given current topic of discussion.

Samachar-Saptahiki(સમાચાર સાપ્તાહિકી):: Each week our expert journalist from India presents a weekly round-up of the events in India.