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Sur-Samvaad Gujarati Radio!
89.3 FM Sydney 
   Every Sunday 3 to 4 PM AEST
(Australian Eastern Standard Time)
We bring you the best of Gujarati culture and entertainment.
Sur-Samvaad is the one and only Gujarati Community Radio service in Australia which commenced its broadcasts form 19th August 2007. The aim of the program is to entertain and inform the rapidly growing Gujarati speaking community of Sydney at a convenient time. The radio program has been very warmly received as it fulfils a long-standing need of the community. Sur-Samvaad incorporates old and new Gujarati musical hits, interviews, news, special segments of interest to children as well as seniors. It also provides an opportunity for talented members of the community to participate in the broadcasts. Local charity and community events are also a focal point of the program, along with updates on the global Gujarati community and events.  

The broadcasting service is run by experienced and trained broadcasters/journalist and none of the broadcasters receive any payment for their services to the radio.

Gujarat boasts to be the homeland of some of the most renowned world-class musicians, singers, artists and literary figures. Where ever Gujarati’s have settled in the world, they have made a mark of their own with their rich and unique heritage and traditions. The musical forms of the Raas, the Garba, and the Doha and Chhand are the traditional forms of Gujarati folk music. Gujarati music and arts have evolved and come a long way since.  The latest additions to the Gujarati music are the genres of Ghazals, Pop and Rap. Sur-Samvaad endeavours to incorporate the traditional as well as the modern forms of Gujarati arts and music.

Sur-Samvaad is proud to receive sponsorship from the local community and businesses. We sincerely thank our sponsors for their generosity. We thank you for navigating our website – please enjoy the following pages!



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