designcorner21  Aradhana Bhatt, the driving force behind Sur-Samvaad Gujarati Radio is a household name in Sydney’s Gujarati community. She is a singer, a writer, an active community worker and a broadcaster. Aradhana was awarded several accolades with her degrees in languages, literature, and music. She won gold medals for her M.A in English, and B.A in English-Gujarati degrees prior to completing her M.Phil degree in Gujarat. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching and a Diploma in Journalism from Sydney.She completed a ‘Sangeet Alankar’ – M.A in music degree in Indian Classical Music (Vocal) while in India. During her university and school career Aradhana was an acclaimed public speaker and won many prizes at state and university level. On radio, Aradhana is a speaker par excellence with a highly modulated voice and poise.

It is her passion for language and music that brought her to broadcasting. She has long been the voice of Gujarati Radio in Sydney. Her training in journalism, understanding of music and her deep love for Gujarati literature and culture culminate in producing entertaining programs of high quality, depth and scope that appeal to all.

Articles from Aradhana Bhatt – આરાધના ભટ્ટની કલમે